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OUR VISION: To be the premium partner in providing Talent Management Solutions to enable growth of Human Capital and ensure strategic and operational efficiency in our clients business. 


TALENT MANAGEMENT is the proactive design and implementation of an integrated talent-driven organisational strategy directed to attracting, deploying, developing, retaining and optimising the appropriate talent requirements as identified in the workforce plan to ensure a sustainable organisation. 

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TMA method distinguishes itself from other analysis methods such as traditional psychological tests, because TMA matches the candidate in a structured manner with your particular job position and examines all aspects of your candidate. The TMA Method consists of various instruments and modules that enable organisations to conduct comprehensive assessments:

- Personality Assessment

- Cognitive Assessment

- 360 Feedback Assessment

The TMA Method has been developed to prevent the occurrence such as candidates showing socially desirable behaviour, this is dealt with by using an interactive method to reveal the emotional balance, talents and motives of a candidate.

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    The main purpose for conducting Skills Audit in an organisation is to identify the skills and knowledge that the organisation requires, as well as the skills and knowledge that the organisation currently has. Skills Audit should benefit the client organisation in enhancing the value of human capital through indentifying the existing skills gap.


    According to the Talent Management Survey Report 2012/2013 published by Knowledge Resources:-There three organisational HR Focused Functions that came out as crucial achieving up to 3.5 times more revenue growth and as much as 2.1 times greater average profit margins: 1) Build stronger people-leaders, 2) Do more to attract, develop and retain talented people and 3) Treat and track performance with transparency.

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    aNewspring is a cloud based, state of the art online learning and knowledge retention platform, that consist of a comprehensive Learner Management Solution. aNewSpring is 100% based online learning platform that is designed to empower Employers, Training Providers to create exceptional learning products that help learners and Professionals learn smarter and perform better. aNewSpring is used by more than 400 clients and have enrolled more than 1 million learners worldwide.


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    Enterprises of different sizes have started considering e-Learning as a viable solution to their budget, training requirements, employee engagement and productivity related issues. Is your organization taking advantage of favourable trends towards the adoption of e-Learning? Join Us!!

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